Wim Van Dun

He knows the Mediterranean

As a captain on luxury yachts he explored the Med’s shores and worked extensively with people from many different countries.
In this way, he discovered that the best craftsmen are found in Tuzla, Bodrum and Antalya. In these old cities, he found traditional craftsmanship gathered over several generations. This in combination with a drive to innovate and a dedication to deliver the highest quality, made Turkey the ideal location to do refit, repair and improvement work on the modern-classic yachts he sailed.
His love for technical and organizational skills led him to pursue a further career in commercial and off shore shipping. But now, Capt. Wim Van Dun is back in his beloved Mediterranean to guide other captains and ship owners in their building and refit projects.

Capt. Wim Van Dun

What we do

We guide yacht owners and crew through refit and building projects in the eastern Mediterranean.

The steps from request to refit or new build project: Steps before signing

Eastern craftsmanship to offer.

We have selected some shipyards with a good reputation and a long tradition and assessed the quality they deliver, their ability to keep timing and their economical reliability.
Rather than competitors, the yards we represent are complementary to each other as such they combine their knowledge and back each other up if needed.

Western follow up: Our assessment system

We have developed a follow up tool named QTFA to do Quality, Time and Finance Assessment. This process starts before the contract is signed and ends after the satisfactory sea trials.

Our Partner Yards

Pre-assessed and complementary shipyards

Yacht Building and Refit | GIA

GIA Yachting Service Company

Located in Bodrum
Specialized in Refits of yachts till 30m
Founded in 2007
New Build: Aluminium yachts till 25m
Refit: All materials till 30m

Yacht Building and Refit | AGANLAR

Aganlar Yachts Shipyard

Located in Bodrum
Specialized in Refits of yachts from 30 till 60m
Founded in 1961
Space Outdoor: 30.000 m2 | Indoor: 4.000 m2
Max travel-lift cap: 450 T

Yacht Building and Refit | ARK

Ark Yacht Shipyard

Located in Bodrum
Specialized in new build of steel yachts till 60 m
Founded in 2007
Space Outdoor: 12.000 m2 | Indoor: 3500 m2
Slipway capacity: 600 T

Yacht Building and Refit | HARMAN

Harman Yachts Shipyard

Located in Antalya
Specialized in new build and refit of Aluminium Yachts till 60 m
Founded in 2005
Space Outdoor: 7.000 m2 | Indoor: 5.000 m2
Max Travel-lift Cap: 500 T

Yacht Building and Refit | SES

SES Yachts Shipyard

Located in Tuzla
Specialized in steel-aluminium superstructure Motoryachts till 45 m
Founded in 1965
Having their own range
“SES Motoryachts” Designed by Duck design

Additional Services

If you need a sharp look on it . . .

  • Yacht building project supervision
  • Owners representation
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Yard assessment
  • Technical advise
  • Intermediary in negotiations
  • Yacht repair management by incidents

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