Our three phased assessment tool

Pre-Work Assessment
Is the request suited to one of our yards?

Does the yard have suitable experience in this field?

Does the size and timing suit the yard?

Can they give a competitive offer?

Assessment of the offer by the client

Pre-Work planning
If the client accepts the offer, a detailed project work out will be made, before signing the final contract.

Description of materials, level of finish, class inspections, Etc.

Formulate a clear timeline of milestones, deadlines and payment dates

Clarification of insurance details, payment conditions, Etc.

Assessment of the planning by the client, signing of the contract

Project follow-up
When the project starts, the assessment phase turns in to continuous checking and a close follow-up of the project’s status.

Continuous monitoring and verification of work quality

Tracking the project against the predefined milestones

Payments after reaching each milestone

Final check, sea trails and evaluation together with the client