Steps to go

Steps to go before signing

You don’t have to sail over before you know what you can expect.

Steps from the first request to a clear, refit or yacht building contract:

  • First contact, client request and first advise (boat show, e-mail, other)
  • Gathering information, making an inventory of the clients wishes (phone call, visit)
  • Selecting a pre-assessed yard, checking timing and general requirements.
  • Feed back from the yard with a rough estimate.
  • Visit on board, to take pictures and do measurements.
  • Feed back to the yard, yard makes offer or sends their own surveyor
  • Evaluate yard’s offer with the client (Assessment QTFA Phase 1)
  • Set up of a project specific plan (QTFA Phase 2)
  • Evaluation of the project plan with the client.
  • Contract between client and yard.
  • Contract between client and YB&R for the QTFA program.
  • The yacht will be delivered to the yard and work can start.